They're Not 'Skin Jobs'--They're Replicants

Leon Kowalski

INCEPT DATE: 10 April, 2017

FUNC: Combat/Loader (Nuc. Fiss.)


Most likely to: Follow Roy Batty into combat.

Sweetheart: Roy Batty

Best buddy: Roy Batty

Organizations: Nuclear fission team; junior ROTC; eye-gouging club

Wackiest moment: When he freaked out and murdered the entire junior class because they asked him about his mo**er.

"Nothing's worse than having an itch you can never scratch!"

Mr. Schenk-Chan, Leon's Favorite Teacher, Says: "Leon is quite fidgety in class, always scratching himself. This seems to cause disruptions in class and contributes to Leon's poor grades. Also, I recommend a mental chip upgrade for Leon--he has promise, yet at his current levels, his future doesn't look promising."

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