Rick's Late Dog

Here's a photo of my late male Bichon Frise, named
Senna (after the racecar driver)

July 18, 2011

Senna passed away today. He was three weeks shy of his 13th birthday.

Senna had been suffering from a neurological condition and other physical ailments for the past two years; his eyesight was almost gone. Yet, to the end, he remained a loyal--and playful--companion.

Literally, every day since he first came into my heart, Senna provided entertainment; literally, each day Senna made me laugh.

He also brought joy into the hearts of others. He was an animal with a true "sense of humor."

I will miss my Senna, and now he truly is, "an angel with stinky breath."

April 2011

(Above) Slumbering on a pillow, Daddy's Boy.

August 2010

Happy 12th Birthday, Senna!

(Above) The birthday boy in his hat.

(Above) He even got home-made cupcakes in his image...and honor!

(Above) Then Senna got groomed...
...time for a snooze.

(Above) It's a red sweater day!

December 2009

(Above) Senna is Santa's cutest helper!


Senna, right after his grooming for the Holidays. Snugglicious!

November 2009

Senna is the happiest animal in Boca!

September 2009

August 2009

Senna celebrating his 11th Birthday!
Here's the Birthday Boy playing with his Birthday Goose.

June 2009

Senna is lookin' ultra-fluffy!

August 2008

Senna just got his "end of summer grooming" and he mugs it up for the lens.

Get A Short Video Clip of Senna Here
The Clip is about 2.2MB and is in Quicktime file format.

Senna celebrated double-digits on August 2nd! Daddy's Boy received a new collar and two new "animal" toys, including Rock The Lobsta (pictured, with Senna).

March 2008

Fresh from the groomer!

June 2007

"Sometimes a guy has to rest his fluffy head on MuthaPlucka."

"...And other times, only SockBunny will do as a pillow."

February 2007

A Gentleman's Frise, shortly after a day at the salon

January 2007

Fresh after a shower (with conditioner), our hero contemplates his Bacon Strip...

Our hero loves his Bacon Strip!

Autumn 2006

Freshly groomed! "I feel pretty!"

"When I snuggle in bed, I prefer the company of Anthony and Bacon Slice to that of my other toys."

Summer 2005... Those Dog Daze of Florida Heat

I'm tired! A Bichon's snorkin' is never done...


Senna Remembers September 11th, 2001
A Bichon tribute to the FDNY Firefighters!

St. Patrick's Day


Halloween: Season of the Witch

Snugglin' With Grandpa

I like snugglin' with my gramps. His cuddlin' makes me....

Snugglin' In The Sheets

Some would say that I am preening. I just like to snuggle...in fresh, hand-washed French sheets. Oui!

New sheets make me want to roll around and laugh!

Halloween '02...Lil' Angel Boy

My Daddy Went to DisneyWorld and all I Got Was...

My pappa went to DisneyWorld and all
he brought me back was this hat. C'est la vie!

After a long, hard day of sniffing and playing, I like to have my monkey-servant ply me with treats.

I am patriotique, again!

Just Groomed!

I'm ready for my close-up, Daddy!

A gentleman's Frise

I love to lounge on Daddy's pillow!

Where's my Snausage/Pellets/Ice/Gift, Daddy?

Can't a Frise dine in peace?!

This photo session made me tired...now I must chase Sandman.

Halloween '01...he's a Devil of a Dog!

Patriotic Puppy!

I'm a patriotic Bichon. Vive l'Amerique!

So take my picture already...it's hot out here.

Please...just one more caviar and chopped egg sammich

Nobody understands me like my BunBun.

I like to eat on fine carpets, too, you know...

See? Told you.

Can't a Frise get some free time for a dog nap?


New Product!

Buy Your Bichon a Great Gift---

Coming Soon--Hello Senna line of Bichon products


Aug. 2, 1998


Bichon Frise



Favorite Activity

Licking (people's feet; himself; armpits; faces; ears; himself; toes; toys). He used to lick his nads, but they're gone now, like tears in the rain

Favorite Toys

Mutha Plucka, Rock the Lobster, Bacon Strip, Sock Bunny, your ear

Favorite Food

Thanksgiving Day Dinner; Nutra Adult Salmon and Lamb meal; bananas, bacon, Pup-a-Roni, Cool-Whip, Lollipops, any beer or alcohol, Chicken, String Cheese


The Schmeezel; Schmutzy; Putkey Boy; Johnny Dozen; Schmendrick; Porkticus; Daddy's Boy

Turn Ons

Feet; shins; toe cheese; feet; and a willingness to throw a toy so he can bring it back to you and have you throw it again...and again

Turn Offs

Cocker Spaniels, Vacuums, Bald Men

Senna is a Bichon Frise and I was blessed with him in October, 1998, when he was just 10 weeks old.

Senna likes to play ball, lick himself, lick people's feet, pee, and sniff everything.

Breed Description

Its name Bichon Frise (Bee-Shawn Free-zay) means "curly lap dog" in French.The Bichon Frise is appreciated for its great beauty, but they are known and loved for their wonderful personalities. The Bichon is an extremely calm, sweet and affectionate breed. The Bichon stands 9-12 inches at the shoulder. The Bichon's size is measured from the top of the shoulders to the ground and ranges between 9 and 12 inches. The adult Bichons weight varies depending upon his size but usually ranges between 10 and 18 pounds. The Bichon is white. Puppies commonly have buff, apricot or cream color on their ears or head that will almost always fade to complete white. Dark pigmentation of nose, and "halos", which surround the eyes, enhance the breed's expression. The dense, curly coat has both soft and coarse hairs. When bathed and brushed, the coat stands off the body and has the feel of plush or velvet. The Bichon requires regular grooming to maintain it's soft, cloud-like coat. Since the Bichon does not shed and has a low dander level, they have been refered to as being "hypo-allergenic".

Their personality is endearing. Bichons are naturally playful, comical, and love to learn tricks. The Bichon Frise is gentle in manner, sensitive, and affectionate. A cheerful attitude is the hallmark of the breed. The breed is generally healthy and may live to be as old as 18 years of age when properly cared for. The average life span of the Bichon Frise is about 14 years.


"If dogs could talk...we probably wouldn't like them."

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