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Time Cut Chronometer (Limited edition, in Lucite case)

Oracolo (Limited edition; #0841 out of 1050; not sold in USA. In box, with crystal ball, demitasse cup, brass pointer, and Tarot cards)

Sam Francis Art Special; #25876 out of 49999. (With framed lithograph.)

Crystal Surprise (SCS '94; still in sealed "suede" pouch; with all certificates)



Black Wave (Scuba)


Chrono Tech (minor scratch)


Gold Inlay (Imported model not available in the US)

Golden Jelly (SCS #1; with all certificates)

Black Liner

Red Tag

Golden Waltz

IOC 100 (Olympic commemorative, with presentation box)

Jelly Bubbles (Scuba)

Lots Of Dots (SCS #2; with all certificates)

Mango Dream

1994 Olympics Aqua Chrono Special (With hologram on box)

Passport '93 Swatch & Pop Swatch By Castelbajac (Macy's/Bullocks/Elizabeth Taylor Special)

Point Of View (SCS 1995 Special; in styrofoam cylinder)

Putti Pop Swatch (In never-opened box with intact seal)

Scribble (Still in sealed paper package, with minor tear)

Switzerland 700 Anniversary Defraoui Special

Time To Move (UN Automatic Swatch Special)

Tip Tap Traffic Jam

Wall Street (Chrono)

Silver Star (Chrono)

Annie Leibovitz Olympic Special (In padded box with loupe; rare six-hole band)

Romeo And Juliet (In "pop-up" packaging)

Good Morning

Sina Nifasi

Kenny Scharf 'Fiz N Zip' Art Special

Rough and Rugged Irony (stainless steel) Chrono/Date

Stripp (With both boxes, 2 changes of 'standard clothes', and a Club shirt)

3D Experience (with "3-D" glasses packaging)

Pounding Heart 1997 Valentine Special (with plastic zip case packaging and key ring)


Access To Salzburg Special

Peter Gabriel Musicall

Signalite Loomi (entire watch glows; with glow-in-the-dark tube package and fake tattoos)

Garden Turf 1997 Swatch Club Special (in sleeve package)

Fifth Element (in blue plastic case)

Gnomania 1997 Swatch Club Special (in "mushroom" case)

1997 Christmas Special in unopened, never-touched boxes

Not pictured:

1996 Collector's Special, Looka (In box, with pin)

C-Monsta (In sealed bag, with swim cap and special T-shirt)

1996 Christmas Special, Light Tree (In "ornament" packaging, inside silver box).

1998 Valentine's Day Special


Yellow Submarine

Millennium Special

1999 Christmas Special

Three "Skin" Swatches: two clear, one black.

2000 Christmas Special

2001 Christmas Special

2002 Christmas Special

Dr. No

Die Another Day

Note: All watches have never been worn and are in the original cases and boxes in which I received them and I have all original documentation (if any) that came with them when I bought them. Some have running batteries, some don't, yet they all work.
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